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Epicor Customer Agreements

One or more product add-ons also apply to certain products and services that Epicor customers purchase According to Epicor, all cloud customers will remain on their feet. It is the subscriber`s responsibility to inform Epicor that they wish to use their upgrade deferral option by submitting an EpicCare ticket before the specified time limit expires. If the subscriber does not notify Epicor of the default process in time, they are subject to the scheduled cadence upgrade on a regular basis. Participation in the program does not extend the trial period. Subscribers to the Epicor Public Cloud Flex option will continue to have one month to test upgrades in their pilot environment. A customer order may also be subject to specific terms and descriptive information for certain Epicor products and services marked with a hashtag (#) as well as conditions for certain third-party applications with an asterisk (*). Read more Any customer agreement with Epicor consists of an order, a Master Customer Agreement (MCA) Master Terms and Conditions, one or more product add-ons specific to the types of products or services purchased and, where applicable, a Service Level Agreement (SLA), Service Specification and/or Data Processing Addendum, where applicable. The Master Terms and Conditions describe the legal terms and conditions applicable to customers who purchase products and services from Epicor Epicor authorizes you to display the «Content» on the Website and to access it strictly in accordance with these Terms and epicor`s Privacy Policy. «Content» means all content and materials that can be accessed through the Site, including materials, information, works of art, graphics, images, text, software and data. Your use of a website represents your consent to all of these terms and the privacy statement. Except as expressly permitted by a written customer agreement («Customer Agreement») with Epicor in which you qualify as an authorized user, you may not modify, reproduce, distribute, display, perform, or use the Content for any public or commercial purpose, in any form or by any means, including, but not limited to, on screen scraping), mechanical, photocopied, recording or otherwise without the permission of Epicor or the copyright owner.

For the purposes of these Terms, any use of the Content on another website or on a networked computer environment is prohibited for any use. You may not decompile, recompile, modify or create derivative works from the Content. You acknowledge and agree that you are fully able and authorized to enter into this binding agreement on behalf of or on behalf of yourself and any organization on whohalf you may act. Epicor ERP Cloud: For Epicor ERP Cloud customers facing fluctuating seasonal or other time constraints that may prevent them from upgrading at the running frequency, this offer allows the customer to postpone updates offered twice a year for up to 90 days for an additional subscription fee. . . .