Sacrament Agreement видео инструкция

Sacrament Agreement

1622 «To the extent that it is a sacramental sanctification, the liturgical celebration of marriage . . . must be valid, dignified and fertile in itself. 123 It is therefore appropriate that the bride and groom prepare for the celebration of their marriage by receiving the sacrament of penance. Marriage became one of the sacraments at a time when the Church was taking control of marriage. Kenneth Stevenson, as you know, spoke of the «taking over» of marriage by the Church during this period. It focused mainly on new liturgical practices, but these were aspects of a broader development, which focused mainly on law and jurisdiction. However, the phrase «take control» is more relevant than «take control», because the Church has not wrested control from a competing authority. [Citation required] Article XXV of the thirty-nine articles in Anglicanism and Article XVI of the religious articles in Methodism[42] recognize only two sacraments (baptism and lord`s Supper), for these are the only ones that have been ordained by Christ in the Gospel. . .